Cryptoys: Digital Toy Deep Dive

Plus, Star Wars drop details

Cryptoys are digital collectible toys that live on the Flow blockchain. They have incredible partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Mattel and Disney.

But most importantly? They’re fun!

The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Will Weinraub. They have since built out a team that is laser-focused on bringing the digital toy experience to as many collectors as possible.

Here’s a deep dive all about Cryptoys, how you can collect, and what’s coming up next.

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Cryptoys are interactive digital toys, wrapped in surprise unboxing experiences, and distributed on the Flow blockchain. Fun, playful, and interactive, Cryptoys blend toys, collectibles, and gaming to unlock a whole new universe of possibilities. Each toy has a limited supply, so collect them while supplies last.

Your Cryptoys are the key to various apps and gaming experiences. Each Cryptoy character is composed of different characteristics that make them truly unique: Series, Tier, Rarity, Edition, Mint, Skin, and Stat-O-Meter Level.

Inspired by his daughter’s obsession with collecting physical surprise pack toys, CEO Will Weinraub co-founded OnChain Studios with CTO Emilio Cueto, CXO Alfonso Martinez, CCO Freddy Oropeza, and COO Jhonathan Torres. Gaming is leaning towards more “social play” than ever, and Cryptoys believes that the blockchain will help enable this.

A company on a mission to empower, educate, and entertain the next-generation of collectors around the world.

OnChain Studios (Cryptoys) Mission


It’s simple to sign up and collect Cryptoys with your debit or credit card. You don’t need to be a blockchain expert to collect, interact, buy, or sell your collectible toys.

All you need is an account and a method of payment. Once purchased, your Cryptoys Cubes will appear in your personal Cryptoys Backpack. From there, you control what to do next:

  • Keep your Cryptoys Cubes unopened

  • Unbox your Cryptoys Cubes to reveal your blister-packed toy (this is usually how I leave mine!)

  • Unwrap your toy and watch as your new friend comes to life on The Block, plus future metaverse and gaming experiences

You can collect Zoo-F-O Escape and Masters of the Universe drops right now, while supplies last.


Exciting news! On May 24, 15 limited-edition Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth Vader collectible digital toys will land in the Cryptoyverse, paired with powerful weapons in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. You won’t want to miss this epic drop.

Unbox your Holocron to be transported into an immersive experience with many surprises. Unveil the path to the light side or dark side of the force, where you'll discover which blister-packed digital toys and rarity skins you're adding to your collection.

To get involved with all the upcoming events leading up to the Star Wars drop, check out Cryptoys on Twitter and Discord at

Cryptoys has been building a unique experience for digital collectors of all ages, all while strengthening its partnerships and community.

Opening a cube is probably one of the most exciting unboxing experiences in web3. The marketplace to sell your collectibles isn’t open quite yet, but in the meantime, come join the Discord, say hi, and start your collection to join the fun.

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