Five Things to Know about Chromie Squiggles

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It is feeling a little bullish out here, innit?

Volume is cranking, things like "FeetPix" are selling, and there are some exciting mints this week. A rare HyperRainbow Chromie Squiggle even sold for 134 ETH ($171,135) over the weekend. 

Over the past few weeks, I've seen more interest in Squiggles than I have in a long time (and obviously, I own one). These generative art NFTs are the genesis collection of Art Blocks, from founder Snowfro. His second project, Friendship Bracelets, has been near the top of the trading volume charts for the last few days. 

There is more to unpack about these colorful NFTs than you may think. Here are five things you may not know about Chromie Squiggles. 

Photo: @Raylivez1

Photo: @Raylivez1


Squiggle metadata only tells part of the story. This includes Types like Normal, Slinky, Fuzzy, Ribbed, Bold, and more. But Squiggles have a whole other level of what makes up their most desired traits.

Color Spread: The lower, the better. 0.5 is the lowest, and it's reserved for Squiggles which are the most colorful (HyperRainbows). Overall, single-digit Color Spread is more sought after than double-digit. 

Day Zero: These prominent Squigs minted on November 27, 2020 ("Day 0") for a cost of .035 Ethereum each. There are currently 542, and people pay a premium for these. 

Shape: Some like an upward slope at the end, others like a down. Many like dense Squigs, and others like ones with fewer curves. Some enjoy shapes in the form of letters, or bats, or other objects. It's subjective what people think a "clean" Squiggle is-- but you know it when you see it (however, all Squiggles are beautiful 😄).

Harmonic (Ghost): A Ribbed Squiggle whose body blends in perfectly with the background. More specifically, the Ribbed color has to be a value incremented by 25 (0, 25, 50, 75 etc.). There are currently 35 in the collection; their floor price is 150 ETH.

A Ghost, Ribbed, Perfect Spectrum.

A Ghost, Ribbed, Perfect Spectrum owned by punk6529.

Some of these "invisible traits" were teased by SquiggleDAO to be more visible soon. Stay tuned to their next Town Hall for more info. 


The rarest of all Squiggles are Perfect Spectrum (22) and Full Spectrum (42). Most of these are Normal, but some are other Types-- making them even rarer. 

Collector VonMises14 broke it down: Only a single combination of color spread (11), segments (14), and steps between segments (200) will result in a Perfect outcome.

He explains a Full Spectrum below:

Of the remaining 266 Squiggles left to mint, there are estimated to be 0 Perfect Spectrums and maybe 1 Full Spectrum left. This makes these existing grails even more exclusive. 


Squiggles are vector graphics that can scale at any size without losing their quality, so they make great pieces to display.

Infinite Objects offers an official display for holders for $299. This is the most "web3" way to put it in your home, since it will be in a digital frame. Don't forget — Squigs move! (If you own one, you can make a high-quality GIF of yours here). 

A more old-school display is fun as well. I recently got mine hand-drawn by Degenerate_Gen on Twitter. For a nominal cost, Squig owners can have theirs drawn and shipped to them securely by this talented artist. I can't wait to frame mine, and it's a really distinctive way to display the art. 


There are 2,782 unique holders of Squiggles. Here are some of the most legendary ones:

Punk6529 has one of the most iconic rare Squiggle collections in existence. In a tweet, they said: "Squiggles are the first, iconic and largest [Art Blocks Curated] collection, the most memetic and, initially, quite controversial, 'you paid what for those squiggly lines?'"

VonMises14 (Collector) minted Squiggles and has collected them ever since. His ultra-rare collection can be seen here, which includes two HyperRainbows that he minted.

GMoney (Influencer and Founder) owns hundreds of Squiggles. He recently did a collaboration with founder Snowfro on his connected-wearable IT-02 9dcc collection. 

Kevin Rose (Co-founder, PROOF) has 25+ Squiggles. In February 2022, he famously said that in 10 years, each one will be worth $1 million. 🤨

Last but not least, there's the anon collector who_dis. Whoever they are, they minted 1,007 Squiggles, and still hold 1,006 of them... yikes. 


A few odes to my favorite lil lines: 

  • A group of web3 investors called WAGMI United got together and purchased an English Football League Two team, Crawley Town. The Chromie Squiggle is featured on their Adidas jerseys. 

  • The tickets for VeeCon 2022 (Gary Vee's web3 conference) were made in the style of Squiggles, in collaboration with Art Blocks and Snowfro.

  • Some Moonbirds (by PROOF) have a Chromie Squiggle trait. Same deal with Moonbirds Oddities. They even gave away a Squiggle to a lucky trait holder.

Squiggles are still minting -- 9,734 have been minted out of 10K total. 

The remaining lucky minters will be hand-picked by Snowfro over time. If you're interested in learning more and possibly purchasing one of these personality-packed NFTs, SquiggleDAO is a great place to start and connect with other Squig collectors.

PS: The all-time record Squig sale was 945 ETH ($2.8 million) in Sept 2021. The seller had minted it for $22 nine months earlier. 🤯

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